This year we have:

Completed our ‘environmental review’ during this we looked at; water, waste, marine, school grounds, transport, litter, energy, biodiversity, global citizenship and healthy eating. We answered questions with our classes about how we feel our school does in each of these areas.

Next we will select three of these areas to be our focus areas- we will then come up with some ideas and actions to address problems associated with these. We will help to lead the school forward to make changes that will benefit our school, our environment and our health!



 Teddy, Ava, Alex, Naba, Zayan

Why did you want to be on eco-warriors committee?

Teddy: I want to make the world a better place.

Ava: To help people with their mess… clean it up!

Alex: I want to look after things.

Naba: I want to keep the world a better place to live.

Zayan: Eat vegetables to stay healthy.


Year 1

 Front Row: Danyal, Subhan, Astrid, Erick, Mohi

Why did you want to be on eco-warriors committee?

 Danyal: I want to help clean the world and the sea.

Subhan: I want to save the planet and make more oxygen.

Astrid: I want to help save the butterflies, bees and purple plants.

Erick: I want to see what happens to the world… it is exciting!

Mohi: I want to save the planets, all of them.


Year 2

 Back Row: Kelsie, Liyana, Ayma, Joaquin, Dylan

Why did you want to be on eco-warriors committee?

 Kelsie: We plant plants and trees and they give us oxygen, it’s good for us.

Liyana: I want the school to be more healthy.

Ayma: Cleaning the world is more important than hurting it.

Joaquin: I want to help stuff, like sharks and the environment and wildlife.

Dylan: I am a vegetarian and I don’t eat animals and I want to know more.