School Council


This year our targets are:

  1. To develop the school roof garden (with the Eco Warriors).
  2. Improve lunch time experiences, e.g. dinner choices and play equipment.
  3. To develop children’s awareness of anti-bullying.


So far we have:

  1. Started to plant on the roof, including a range of flowers, sensory plants, fruit and vegetables.
  2. Introduced a new dinner choice during the week.
  3. Purchased some new playground equipment and re-organised playing stations in the playground for lunchtimes.
  4. Carried out a class survey about what makes children feel safe in school.

Year 1

Back row: Ayaan, Zaeem, Rayyan
Front row: Mahdi, Srihitha

Why did you want to be on the school council?

Ayyan: I wanted to be able to serve the school.

Zaeem: I want to make all the school rooms EVEN better.

Srihitha: I wanted to help choose new equipment for lunch time.

Madhi: I want to help the children in school learn to follow the rules.


Year 2

 Back row: Aadam, Kian

Front row: Sophia, Aaron, Jaspreet

Why did you want to be on the school council?

Aadam: I want to be able to take care of everyone and keep the school safe.

Kian: I wanted to ask my friends what new things they would like and help to bring change.

Sophia: I want to help the school be even better.

Aaron: I like to help introduce new things and bring changes.

Jaspreet: I want to help different people at one time and make changes, e.g. improve the dinners.