Curriculum Intent


At Furze Infant we aim to deliver a curriculum that is exciting, forward thinking, inclusive and practical. We believe that the formative years of a child's school life is very important in building experiences which support children. By planning a coherent, sequential curriculum our children will obtain sufficient knowledge and skills to progress to their next phase of education.

We wish for each child and staff member to embrace the love of learning and have high expectations of themselves and each other so that together we contribute meaningfully to the world.

We expect our children to use critical thinking to become active learners and develop reasoning skills.

We believe it is important for our children to first learn about themselves, our local environment and then the wider world. It is our intention that each Furze child receives the skills which will ignite their passion and love for learning resulting in future model citizens who will be compassionate, innovative, skills-orientated, problem-solvers.


Our curriculum will give children the opportunity to DEVELOP:

Develop: A rich and deep subject knowledge.

Experiences: Experiencing the breadth and depth of the national curriculum.

Values: Be led by our school values, celebrating our diverse community and promoting the well-being of others and ourselves.

Explore:  Enjoy exploring our world, both near and far, through extra-curricular activities.

Lifelong: Children become life-long learners  through a coherent and progressive curriculum and have the skills to be articulate communicators. 

Opportunities: To develop critical thinking skills, challenge and enjoyment of learning.

Purpose: Realising the importance of learning to become responsible, independent citizens who will make the world a better place.

Develop - Experiences - Values - Explore - Lifelong - Opportunities - Purpose

For a more detailed intent statement for each subject area, please see a member of the Senior Leadership Team