Well-Being for Children

The emotional health and wellbeing of all members of Furze Infant School is fundamental to our philosophy and aims. We believe that emotional health is closely linked to mental health and that as a school we can encourage positive development of mental health in childhood. Children who are mentally healthy will be more able to achieve, progress and enjoy their time at school. 

At Furze, we strive to promote pupils spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing in a nurturing environment where they are secure, confident and well-motivated.  We do daily meditation and mindfulness in class and children also practice this during our weekly assemblies. Correct breathing and posture helps our children to calm down and focus on the present.

Our classroom environments are designed such that children have a space to reflect or de-stress if they need to.

Please click on the SMSC tab for further information about how we do this.

We follow a broad, balanced and rich curriculum which we feel benefits all children and helps them to develop their passions and individuality.

We work to build self-esteem and the ability  to listen, empathise and respect each other’s point of view in order to enable our children to become successful, independent, responsible citizens.


Click on the picture below to access "Peace Out" - a set of relaxation videos for children by Cosmic Kids