Our Team


This isn't just a job for us. We are passionate about what we do here at Furze. We chose this profession to make a difference. Our hope is to inspire all our children to believe in themselves and do their best. We will plant the seed and watch them grow.


Senior Leadership Team 

Mrs J Bana 


Miss K Lilley 

Deputy Headteacher / Year 1 Lead

Mr C Atkins 

Assistant Headteacher / EYFS Lead 

Mrs J Baptiste 

Assistant Headteacher / SENDCo and Inclusion Lead

Miss J Collins 

Assistant Headteacher / Year 2 Lead 




Nursery  - Austria

Mr C Atkins 

Mrs J Uddin


Miss S Reeves

Mrs K Creasey 



Mrs N Skora-Chipungu



 Teaching Assistants

Greece Class 

Miss A Taleb

Mrs F Deba

Sweden Class 

Mrs A Ahmed/Mrs L Thomas

Mrs S Warber

England Class 

Mrs S Easterbrook

Mrs S Steyn

Italy Class 

Mrs J Darbin

Miss E Gladwell 

Malta Class 

Miss L Stimpson 

 Mrs J O'Shea




Year 1 


 Teaching Assistants

Japan Class 

Mrs Begum

3 TAs shared in year 1 as below

Singapore Class 

Mrs S Reehal

Mrs L Broadbent-Perkins

Maldives Class 

Miss C Gibson

Mrs W Porter

Philippines Class 

Mrs R Rahman

Mrs D Figgett

China Class 

Mrs M Mason/Mrs Mirza

Jane Cassie




Year 2 


 Teaching Assistants

Egypt Class 

Miss J Collins/Mrs D Foley

5 TAs & SSA shared in year 2 as below

Seychelles Class 

Miss M Coombs 

Mrs J Uddin 1-1 in Seychelles & Mrs M Ali 1-1 in South Africa

Morocco Class 

Mr M Hafeez

Mrs K OConnor

Kenya Class 

Mrs J Taylor/Mrs D Foley

Miss C De Jesus

South Africa Class 

Mrs A Phakey

Mrs R B Burgess


Learning Support Assistants 

Mrs M Chamberlain 

Mrs S Coombs 

Mrs S Miah 

Ms K Watson 




Other Staff

Mr S Dunn (PE Coach)                                                                                                                                              Sports

Ms H Morton (HLTA)                                                                                                                                                 Art/DT          

 Admin Staff  

Mrs Rahman

Office Manager

Mrs Clark 

Parent Support/Welfare Officer

Mrs Jefferson

Attendance Officer/Admissions Officer


Finance Officer/Health & Safety Officer 

Mr C Oke 

IT Network Support

Mr Montgomery 





Lunchtime Supervision  

Ms Nartey

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Rahman

Mrs Jamil

Midday Assistant 

Midday Assistant

Ms Kugathayaparan

Midday Assistant 

Mrs Goldstein 

Midday Assistant 

Mrs Hussain 

Midday Assistant 

Mrs Haque 

Midday Assistant 

Mrs Hussain 

Midday Assistant 

Mrs Takka  

Midday Assistant 

Mrs Mohan 

Midday Assistant 

Mrs Uddin 

Midday Assistant 

Mrs Mehmood

Midday Assistant

Mrs Begum 

Midday Assistant 

Mrs Imran

Midday Assistant 

  Mrs Bajracharya

Midday Assistant



Kitchen Staff (BD Together)  

Mrs Morrison 


Ms Hallybone 

Kitchen Assistant 

Mrs Pepper 

Kitchen Assistant 

Ms Juma 

Kitchen Assistant 

Ms Coombs

Kitchen Assistant