Physical Education (PE)

Please click on the link here for the Physical Activity Guidance


At Furze Infant School, we intend to deliver a high-quality progressive Physical Education curriculum, which inspires all pupils to exceed and excel in a broad range of physically demanding activities including competitive sport.  It is our intention to provide opportunities for our children to become physically confident in a way which supports both their fitness and their health.  We intend to facilitate competitive sports opportunities for our children, so they can build character and gain practical experiences which will help embed our core values such as resilience and respect.  We will strive to ensure that every child meets their full potential by engaging in physical activity for sustained amounts of time and the impact of our progressive Physical Education curriculum will allow our children to develop both healthy and active lives.


The implementation of a high quality progressive Physical Education curriculum will be achieved by a whole school approach to delivering two hours of physical education every week.  This will be broken down into all children receiving a one hour PE lesson with Mr Dunn our qualified Sports Coach, in addition to a forty minute PE lesson delivered by the class Teacher and twenty minutes of physical activity during break time and lunch time.  We will also be implementing extra-curricular activities and competitive sports opportunities through-out the academic year. 

Physical Education (P.E)

There are lots of ways you can keep fit and healthy both indoors and outside. Take your child to the park, go for a swim, get on your bike and ride! There are some websites and youtube channels that help cater for PE learning and development for younger children that you can access, if you cannot get out and about as much as you would like: