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A warm welcome to our Furze Infant website.

 Here at Furze, our pupils are our heart and soul. Our guiding values – Respect, Positive Choices, Gratitude, Resilience, Honesty, and Co-operation – are evident in all we do. Our dedicated staff, passionate about teaching, are always aiming for the best for our children.


Our school motto, "Learning Happily Together", truly captures the spirit of our school. Our children thrive in collaborative environments, learning from each other every day.

We've seen remarkable changes not just in the school environment but in our whole school wide curriculum in recent years. Our playground now features brand-new equipment and a mini football pitch-sized astroturf in our innovative rooftop garden. We've also added a dedicated SEND pod and an intervention room to support children with special educational needs. Interested in our curriculum? Pop over to our curriculum tab to discover what we teach and the reasons behind it.


To all our parents, I always value our chats, whether at the school gates or during our events. I hope to see you at our next Parent Coffee Forum!

Working in partnership with parents and carers and the wider community is crucial to enable us to provide the most effective educational experience for our children.


 I hope this website answers any questions you may have.  However, feel free to contact us for any further information.

If you're considering Furze for your child, please get in touch. I'm eager to meet you and share more about our wonderful school.


Best wishes,


Junaida Bana